Recasting Our Story

When I was in seminary, I knew a dear little church community, St. Chad’s, Loves Park. It was located about two hours outside of Chicago, a small, struggling congregation in a small, struggling, rust belt town. But they dreamt big dreams and they had big hearts to match and they approached their work and ministry

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Counting Infinities

When you are young, some things seem to stretch on forever—the last hour of the school day before the bell rings, the wait for the sun to rise on Christmas morning, or the length of a summer day. For me, it was riding in the car, whether my parents were out running errands or we

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Be Prepared

Be prepared. Growing up in the scouts, it was a message that I heard time and again. Indeed, it is the official motto of the scouts, “Be prepared,” and is taught to every teen from an early age. Now, if I’m being honest, this messaging was at least partly about, maybe even mostly about, making

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Give Unto Caesar

In a world where we frequently hear concerns expressed about the future of the church in the face of declining attendance and a secularized world, it is easy to forget that these anxieties are nothing new. Every generation has experienced anxiety about the state of the church as they perceive the end to the way

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Who Are You?

Moses had climbed up a holy mountain with his flock, when a wondrous and miraculous sight caught his eye. There before him, a bush was on fire. Now, admittedly, in this time of wildfires, a bush that is on fire hardly seems noteworthy. Perhaps distressing, yes, but hardly worth mentioning. But this bush, though it

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Reverence of God

What does it mean to fear God? When we say that someone had the fear of God put into them, we mean that they have been terrified, made afraid of punishment or retribution, that they are made compliant for fear of the consequences. It is a usage that leans heavily on the common meaning of

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