Children & Youth

All children and families are welcome to attend St. Faith’s and participate in our children’s formation programs regardless of denomination. Our doors are open to all and our hope is to teach your children that they are loved by God.

Children in Worship

Worship is central to our identity as Christians and as Anglicans, and in a time when families face increasingly busy and hectic schedules, the opportunity to be together as a family and worship together is an important and special one. We want the entirety of our family at St. Faith’s to worship together, from our youngest members to our oldest. In addition, we recognize that for our youngest, sitting in a pew for an hour can be a challenge. To help with that, we have activity bags available filled with books, colouring sheets, and other quiet activities to engage them while they take part in worship.

Programming for Children and Youth

Throughout the year, we offer special programs for children and youth specifically designed to help them engage and explore in their faith and spirituality. From cedar weaving workshops and Advent wreaths, to Easter rock hunts and Christmas Eve around the nativity, there is always something coming up for the youngest members of our community. Watch our website for upcoming programs and make sure that you are signed up for our children’s programming mailing list.

A young boy holds a cedar heart at a recent program for children

Upcoming Programs

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