AV Upgrades

We need your help to upgrade our sound system at St. Faith’s to support our hybrid worship and livestreaming capabilities now and into the future! We need to raise $17,500 to make these AV upgrades possible. The good news is that we’re well on our way to that goal. Will you join with those who have already donated, adding your support to this effort too? There are a variety of ways to give to this project and you can read more about the planned upgrades below.

We think that this is an exciting project and are eager to share our progress towards our goal. Check back on this page to see how much we have raised and share it with your family and friends!


Why Upgrade?

When this pandemic began over two years ago, St. Faith’s—along with churches all over the world—had to adapt and learn how to offer worship and build community online. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of our parish leadership at the time, we purchased some initial video equipment that allowed us to record and livestream worship, and eventually offer a hybrid worship format that we continue to this day. That initial equipment has served us well, and it was never meant to be a long-term solution.

What is evident to us is that providing a strong hybrid worship option is going to be a permanent reality for our church going forward. Our hybrid format links our in-person participants with our online participants every week, keeping our community connected and helping new people discover what we have to offer here at St. Faith’s.

Our existing sound system was installed almost ten years ago, and we made some upgrades to it about five years ago. The good news is that our underlying system is still excellent and these upgrades simply build upon what we already have in place. What’s more, equipment that we purchased early on in the pandemic will continue to be useful and used, nothing is going to waste. We are committed to being good stewards of our collective resources.

About the AV Upgrades

Our parish council and trustees are excited to announce a plan to make some upgrades to our existing audio-visual system, providing a variety of benefits to serve us now and in the future:

  • Improved Audio: We know at times our audio isn’t great for our online participants, especially when it comes to singing and music. These upgrades include new microphones that will capture the sound in the sanctuary so that online participants can hear Ruben’s music as well as congregational singing and responses.
  • Improved Video: Rather than relying on a single camera with a limited field of view, we will be installing two permanently mounted cameras that can pan, tilt, and zoom. In addition to increasing the video quality, this will allow us to use the full space of our sanctuary again while ensuring that online participants can see everything that is happening. From preaching in the pulpit to baptisms at the font, no one will miss a thing.
  • Improved Ease of Use: Our hybrid worship is made possible by a team of hard-working volunteers at the back of the church every week. They do a great job, even though there is a lot of setup and take-down required with our existing tools, leaving opportunities for things to be forgotten or go wrong. This upgrade will greatly simplify the work our volunteers do to create our hybrid worship each week.
  • Improved Space: Finally, these upgrades will improve our sanctuary space. We will move the AV desk from its current location at the back of the sanctuary up to the balcony. In addition to moving our equipment to a less-trafficked area, it will also make our sanctuary more accessible by creating a direct and unobstructed path to and from the elevator.